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Fresh Finish Boat Detailing

Boat Wash and Luxury Detailing Plans

Experience the ultimate in boat care with our premium wash and luxury detailing services in South Florida. At Fresh Finish Detailing, we specialize in pampering your vessel to perfection, ensuring it shines both on and off the water. From thorough washes to meticulous detailing, our skilled team is dedicated to elevating your boating experience. Contact us today to treat your boat to the luxury it deserves.

Fresh Rinse

Give your boat a quick refresh with our Fresh Rinse plan. Ideal for when your vessel needs a light spruce-up, this plan includes a thorough rinse to remove surface dirt and salt, leaving your boat looking clean and ready for your next adventure.

Bi-Weekly, Monthly, or Quarterly Services Include:

Full Wash

Treat your boat to a comprehensive cleaning with our Full Fresh Wash plan. We’ll give your vessel a top-to-bottom scrub, ensuring every surface is sparkling clean. From the hull to the deck, no detail is overlooked in our quest to restore your boat’s pristine appearance.

Bi-Weekly, Monthly, or Quarterly Services Include:

Deluxe Detail Wash

Elevate your boat’s cleanliness with our Fresh Deluxe Wash plan. This premium cleaning service goes beyond the basics, incorporating additional treatments to leave your vessel looking its best. Enjoy a thorough wash, along with specialized attention to glass, stainless steel, and other key areas, for a truly impeccable finish.

Bi-Weekly, Monthly, or Quarterly Services Include:

Wash & Wax

Renew your boat’s protection with our Wash and Wax plan. In addition to a comprehensive cleaning, this package includes professional detailing to restore your vessel’s luster. We’ll remove surface imperfections, and apply a protective polymer wax coating to keep your boat looking stunning for seasons to come.

Quarterly and Bi-Annual Services Include:

Ultimate Full Detail

Experience the ultimate in boat care with our Ultimate Full Detail plan. Combining meticulous cleaning with expert detailing and protection, this premium service is designed to give your vessel the VIP treatment it deserves. From deep cleaning every nook and cranny to applying advanced polymer formulations for long-lasting shine and protection, our team will leave your boat looking its absolute best. If you want the most reliable shine checkout our Ceramic Coatings.

Quarterly and Bi-Annual Services Include: